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Audi, Values, and Ducks

Ugly Little Duckling Values

Audi has released its newest commercial, The Ugly Little Duckling. This commercial uses a classic fairy tale about diversity, self-worth, patience, and beauty to advertise the Audi A5. So what do you think? Is it appropriate for the media to…

Bullying hurts everyone

1/3 of 16 year olds bullied

A 2005 survey of 16 year olds across Northern Ireland reported that ⅓ of them get bullied. Also, this likelihood of being bullied increases when someone’s family is ‘not at all well-off,’ if that person has been pressured to do…

Young man involved in North Belfast riots

Violence Sucks

In North Belfast, Protestants and Catholics live in a divided community. During the summer there are often riots, and throughout the year tensions between the sides regularly runs high. But there is hope:in this video, a group of cross-community young…

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