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Triple-v award for Calderglen High School

Jenna Carlin and Laura Dempster(left) from Calderglen High School receive the JFDoyle award for their Triple-v work at the East Kilbride Crime Prevention Panel Annual Awards. Awarded for befriending local residents and for organising a Charity Concert. Pictured third from left is Linda Fabiani member of the Scottish parliament and 3 others who recieved different awards.   Laura and Jenna… more

Body Image

View the first film from the Kids Taskforce editorial team, the film explores how body image affects young people.          

Welcome to Triple V!

After all that planning and preparation, the Triple V web site is finally ready for launch. Our artists and designers worked hard to make our materials about values fun to use. We included pictures of our people so you can get to know the organisations taking part in Triple V. Before long, the web site will also feature videos about… more


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