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1/3 of 16 year olds bullied

A 2005 survey of 16 year olds across Northern Ireland reported that ⅓ of them get bullied. Also, this likelihood of being bullied increases when someone’s family is ‘not at all well-off,’ if that person has been pressured to do things, or if they are attracted to people of the same sex. Also, students at majority-Protestant schools report the highest… more

Violence Sucks

In North Belfast, Protestants and Catholics live in a divided community. During the summer there are often riots, and throughout the year tensions between the sides regularly runs high. But there is hope:in this video, a group of cross-community young men from the 174 Trust have spoken up to North Belfast and the world beyond: Violence Sucks.  

Bale begs question about values in Football

Sunday’s North London derby was as exciting as every, even after the referee blew the final whistle. Although by that point it didn’t matter, there was still the unsolved issue of Gareth Bale’s penalty. Did Gareth Bale purposefully dive and fake the penalty, or was he tripped? If you were he, and your pride and league rank depended on it,… more

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