1/3 of 16 year olds bullied

A 2005 survey of 16 year olds across Northern Ireland reported that ⅓ of them get bullied. Also, this likelihood of being bullied increases when someone’s family is ‘not at all well-off,’ if that person has been pressured to do things, or if they are attracted to people of the same sex. Also, students at majority-Protestant schools report the highest level of bullying, but students at integrated schools report the lowest.

Have you been bullied before because of your family’s economic level, because you refused to do something others wanted you to do, or because of who you feel attracted to? How can we support our friends who are being bullied because of these things?

Statistics from the Northern Ireland Young Life and Times Survey, 2005. Access at http://www.ark.ac.uk/ylt/2005/index.html.

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