Media Actions

Wherever you are in Europe, you can gain multimedia experience and share your ideas through Triple V. You can report on project-related activities, conduct interviews or make a film that illustrates a question of values. Your videos will be published and discussed on international web platforms. We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved in Triple V “Media Actions”!

Camera and editing

We work with media specialists who can tell you everything there is to know about shooting, directing and editing video. All the Triple V locations have video equipment (camera, sound equipment, editing workstation) that you can borrow for your film projects.

Video clips and features

You can report on Triple V activities such as the Street Football for Tolerance tournaments. You can write and direct a “dilemma of the week,” or interview people on the street about their values. Are you already participating in projects to advocate nonviolence? Make a promotional video and let everyone know about them! Our experts will show you how it’s done.


Young people interview advocates of nonviolence – both famous and obscure – on stage at Triple V “Value Talks.” Help organise an event or find the best, funniest, most interesting questions to ask. Or take the stage yourself and conduct the interview!

Online discussions

Our the video productions are made public on our web site and our Facebook pages. Young people from five regions of Europe exchange their up-to-the-minute insights into timeless questions of values. Be part of the Triple V community by putting your productions online or taking part in our virtual discussions.

International video projects

Triple V videos are produced by young people from German, Hungary, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Sometimes the videos are made in one region, and sometimes their themes span international borders. Have you ever wanted to take part in an international film project? Now is your chance!


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