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"Triple V: Values vs. Violence" is a European youth project carried out by five organisations based in England, Hungary, Germany, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The project promotes peaceful coexistence through a variety of activities aimed at building and strengthening young people's awareness of values.

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Triple V Blog

Violence Sucks

In North Belfast, Protestants and Catholics live in a divided community. During the summer there are often riots, and throughout the year tensions between the sides regularly runs high. But there is hope:in this video, a group of cross-community young … more

Body Image

View the first film from the Kids Taskforce editorial team, the film explores how body image affects young people.          

Bale begs question about values in Football

Sunday’s North London derby was as exciting as every, even after the referee blew the final whistle. Although by that point it didn’t matter, there was still the unsolved issue of Gareth Bale’s penalty. Did Gareth Bale purposefully dive and … more

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