Service Learning

Brace yourself, because Service Learning is an adventure! You will get to know people you never thought you would meet. You will discover parts of yourself you never knew existed. The way it works is simple: Once a week, for six months, you take the time to help someone who needs your help.

You support people who need help

After you sign up for Service Learning, our staff helps you find an assignment that fits. Positions are available in many kinds of facilities and institutions. Your commitment can bring you into contact with people who have a great variety of needs: the disabled, seniors, children who have trouble keeping up in school. You will learn about the real, everyday lives of people who need your help.

A once-a-week commitment

You commit to volunteer two to three hours per week for six months. You choose the facility or institution where you will work and spend your time with people who need your help. Other young people will be working in parallel at facilities close to you. Together, you make up a Service Learning group that holds regular meetings. The meetings let you share experiences and work together to find solutions to issues and problems.

Help from experienced educators

Service Learning helps others, but its main purpose is to help you learn. You will learn surprising things about the people you are helping and surprising things about yourself. You will probably have questions and need information on how to handle your new experiences. Our specially trained educators will be on hand to help you.

You receive a certificate

When your assignment is complete, you will receive a certificate. The certificate identifies the activities you performed during your assignment and also sketches how you got along in the facility or institution where you worked. You can include the certificate in applications for training and employment. It is especially helpful if you wish to pursue a career in helping others, whether through job training or university studies.

The certificate will be presented to you at an official ceremony. Everyone who began Service Learning at the same time as you will receive a certificate. The presenters will explain what each person did during the six months of the project. Your parents and friends are invited to the presentation so that they can learn about how you spent your time and see what you achieved.


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