Triple V – The Project


“Triple V” is a European youth work project supported by the European Commission. We – the project leadership – come from organisations based in Germany, Hungary, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland. Our goal is to raise values awareness in our own regions with the aim of achieving peaceful coexistence for all. Learn more about us


What values are important for people to lead fulfilled lives? What values are important for society to permit the peaceful coexistence of all its members? Those are the decisive questions that motivate this project and around which all its activities revolve. What values do Europeans share? What values serve to give us direction? What is a moral dilemma? Answers to those and other questions are suggested in our informational graphics.

Our Youth Actions

To make the theme of values more salient in school and youth work, we provide “Values Communication”training for teachers, social workers and volunteers. The further education programme is specially designed to make values visible and tangible through three different youth actions: Service Learning, Street Football for Tolerance, and Media Actions. We have summed them up in comic book form – take a look!

Media Actions

Multimedia projects play an important role in Triple V. The Triple V Media Actions bring young editorial teams from around Europe together to report on their projects, conduct interviews on the subject of values, or illustrate values-related issues with video clips. International exchange takes place on our online platform and on Facebook. You can take part in our Media Actions. Get more information here!

International Events

The high point of the Triple V activities will be the International Youth Workshop in summer 2012 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Young people from all the participating Triple V regions will prepare and present activities revolving around the theme of values. The decades-long civil war between Protestants and Catholics in Belfast will be a central theme, along with the challenge of reconciling the two sides today. If you want to attend the International Youth Workshop in Belfast, you can become eligible by taking part in one of the Triple V projects!


Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming events right now. Check back soon!


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